U.S. Headed into Second Recession

Obama has stated that the Country is headed in the right direction when in fact there still is an economic meltdown.  Over 9% unemployment,  more Americans losing their homes with the banks not loaning.  No one can  blame President Bush for  Barack Obama’s inexperience in leading a Country.

While the economy has expanded for the last three quarters, that recovery won’t last long, says star money manager John Hussman.

“Based on evidence that has always and only been observed during or immediately prior to U.S. recessions, the U.S. economy appears headed into a second leg of an unusually challenging downturn,” he wrote in his monthly market comment.
Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Dennis Lockhart recently made the most bearish comments by a Fed official in months.

“Financial markets and many businesses are more nervous today than a few weeks and months ago,” he said in a speech. SOURCE


2 comments on “U.S. Headed into Second Recession

  1. The growth in GDP was so razor thin, don’t think we ever left Recession! Positive GDP growth over 0.00% is not saying much that we are out of dumps. Now President is bragging about anybody getting hired, but wants to tell us that the new “normal” for his “new ideas” is unemployment around 9.5%? Too bad his Presidential debate didn’t mention that possibility. He was very positive that worst case would be 8.00% Now he knows better? Does that mean his promises statements were all before he knew better? Does he know better now?

  2. Thanks for the comment hoboduke, I do know that I am worst off than I was before Obama. Just about everything Obama has touch he has made worst! To much government in our every day life is no good.

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