Obama Buying Votes For Harry Reid?

Obama seem to be using our tax money to buy votes for Harry Reid, will the people of Nevada remember that it was Obama and Harry Reid’s big spending and the Obamacare bill along with taxing the manufacturing companies that got them to 14 percent unemployment in the first place.

Obama told an audience at the University of Nevada that a $5 billion increase in clean energy manufacturing tax credits could generate nearly 40,000 jobs. Some of those could arrive in Nevada, where 14 percent unemployment threatens to undermine Reid’s argument that his position as majority leader pays dividends to his state.

“If an American company wants to create jobs and grow, we should be there to help them do it,” Obama said. Read more at SOURCE

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle Hits Back at Reid and Obama

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle on Friday denounced Majority Leader Harry Reid as a “desperate man” who was distorting her conservative record while ignoring a state that leads the nation in joblessness, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

A day after President Obama delivered a mocking indictment of her candidacy at a rally in Las Vegas, Angle accused the president and Reid of pushing billions of dollars in stimulus spending while Nevada struggles with “an economy that is a disaster.” Read much more at the SOURCE