Attorney Tony West raised over $60 million for Obama’s presidential bid Heads Case Against Arizona

In 2008 Tony West was a San Francisco lawyer that was one of Barack Obama’s finance co-chairs in California, when the campaign raised a record $60 million. Tony West’s wife Maya Harris, is a former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of California. Looks as if Tony West is getting his campaign donations back from Obama by way of kick-backs. West will fight hard to keep his $6 million dollars donation from going to waste. If people don’t see that Obama’s is running The U.S. Government Chicago Mob Boss Style then they are blind.  Shame on you Obama wasting our tax money on your political agenda, this will lose you more votes than it will gain!

‘American Taliban’ Counsel Heads Case Against Arizona Law

Tony West is one of nine Justice Department lawyers who previously provided legal representation to suspected terrorists. Conservatives have labeled those attorneys the “Gitmo 9.”

West, a former litigation partner with the San Francisco firm of Morrison & Foerster, was one of then-candidate Obama’s biggest fundraisers. An early supporter of the president’s campaign, West served as co-chairman of his fundraising committee. West reportedly raised over $60 million for Obama’s presidential bid.

The federal lawsuit that seeks to block the July 29 implementation of the new Arizona statute says it usurps the federal prerogative of border control and immigration. Modeled on federal laws that have largely gone ignored, the Arizona statute directs state law officers to verify legal status whenever probable cause exists to suspect illegal residency. Polls show a majority of Americans support the Arizona law, and oppose amnesty for illegals.

The choice of West to lead the legal battle against the law is sure to be controversial. Read More At Source

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