Cost Of U.S. Passport Going Up

You that need a passport better get it soon or you will be paying higher fees. Illegal Mexicans don’t have a passport so why is it required for everyone else to have one?

Fees paid to the Bureau of Consular Affairs cover the costs of everything from making and issuing passports to helping Americans bring home relatives who died overseas or assisting crime victims. The bureau also is in charge of evacuating U.S. citizen in the event of a natural disaster.

Last year those services totaled an estimated $300 million, Mr. Echard said.

Adult passport book fees will jump to $135 from $100, while those for minors will increase to $105 from $85 starting July 13.

Renewals fees on adult passports will shoot up to $110 from $75, according to the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs. Twenty-four other fees, ranging from judicial services to reporting the births of American children born abroad, also are changing. SOURCE