The Obama $1 trillion stimulus was a bust

A new report showing a net loss of 125,000 jobs adds to the growing avalanche of evidence the $1 trillion stimulus has failed to boost the economy as promised, according to a chorus of economic experts.

Democrats had been planning to herald this as the Summer of Recovery, expecting a peak in stimulus spending. But the dreary economic news is contributing to a rising chorus of complaints from conservative economists that the stimulus spending binge has failed to deliver as promised.

“Yeah, I think we can say the stimulus was a bust,” Stephen Moore, a Wall Street Journal editorial board member and the newspaper’s senior economics writer, tells Newsmax. “The real problem is that the president has no plan B. We’ve had plan A, that was spend a trillion in stimulus. That didn’t work. We’ve lost 2.2 million jobs since we started that spending, and all the president wants to do is add more stimulus. That’s what’s so disappointing.” Read more at the SOURCE

Most Americans said it would not work from day one! To this taxpayer it seem that the $1 trillion stimulus lost more jobs than it created. I posted months ago that Obama would take the democrats down with him in the mid-term and 2012 elections and to this date that has been the case. Obama can now consider himself a worst president than Jimmy Carter. Everything Obama has done so far has made this great Nation job crisis worst than it was before he took over the White House. He has refused to protect American soil from illegal Mexican drug runners and murderers. So yes Obama the democrats need to be removed from Washington D.C. and then yourself need to be evicted from the White House! Just remember this voters, Obama’s words mean nothing because he has never kept any of his promises that he campaigned on!