Oil Spill Claims Money to Illegals?

Kenneth Feinberg, who will administer the claims process for individuals and businesses seeking compensation from the $20 billion fund established by BP, says he will follow federal immigration and tax laws when deciding the eligibility of claimants, according to a report by CNSNews.com

This statement translates that he will not disburse any compensation payments to illegals READ MORE AT SOURCE

I had to read the above report a few times because I am in contact with a friend that came off unemployment to go to Florida and help with cleaning up the oil from the beaches, he is not a Mexican, he’s a citizen of The United States! The group he went with has been put up in a motel with BP paying for their food and rooms. Now the down side of this…most of these workers has not worked going on 4 weeks now, but some of the Mexicans that are in this motel has been working and many other Mexicans were sleeping outside on the lawn of the Motel without food. From what I was told the motel called the police and the manager of these Mexicans was told to get them food and a room to sleep in, which is what happen!
I also was informed that these Mexicans said it was easy to get driver licenses and other papers to prove that they where in America legal for only $100.00, one was said to have shown the $100.00 legal papers that he had picked up that day,  so tell me if it’s that easy to get legal papers then how can Kenneth Feinberg know if in fact he’s not paying illegal Mexicans with BP claim funds?   Also why did they start the Mexicans working first? 

Maybe some of the news people should get around to these Motels and find out just what’s going on!   These people are getting $25.00 a day each  to eat on and their rooms paid for, but have not worked for going on 4 weeks….