President silent on Obama-Blago link by Union Leader

Obama has been linked to the Blagojevich scandal  a union leader testifying that Barack Obama personally asked him to approach Rod Blagojevich about appointing Valerie Jarrett to his senate seat. So much for internal investigations at the White House! Obama should now be called to testify at the trial don’t you think!

The White House was mum Tuesday after a union leader testified that Barack Obama personally asked him to approach then Gov. Rod Blagojevich about appointing confidant Valerie Jarrett to his Illinois Senate seat testimony Republicans say clearly contradicts the Obama team’s version of events.
Defense lawyers and now the GOP have claimed that Balanoff’s version of events conflicts with Obama transition team lawyer Greg Craig’s report on his investigation into contacts between Obama’s inner circle and Blagojevich’s team.

White House officials went radio silent on the trial Tuesday afternoon. SOURCE