UPDATE: MMS fundraisers – What’s Up Doc! Outraged at Tony Hayward and Not at Barack Obama? Video

People are outraged at Tony Hayward for going to the glitzy yacht race in England but isn’t saying a thing about their President Barack Obama going to a ball game while livelihoods are being ruined by the massive two-month oil spill. Do you really think it was the right thing for a President to do during a crisis as great as this one is? And don’t forget that Obama also went on vacation the first weeks of the spill! Let me ask, are you people outraged at Barack Obama your President? Its Obama’s duty to protect our shores from the oil.

Just when it seemed Gulf residents couldn’t get any more outraged about the massive oil spill fouling their coastline, word came Saturday that BP’s CEO was taking time off to attend a glitzy yacht race in England.

Tony Hayward’s latest public relations gaffe didn’t sit well with people in the U.S. who have seen their livelihoods ruined by the massive two-month oil spill.

“Man, that ain’t right. None of us can even go out fishing, and he’s at the yacht races,” said Bobby Pitre, 33, who runs a tattoo shop in Larose, La. “I wish we could get a day off from the oil, too.” Source


Minerals Management Service inspector participated in skeet-shooting fundraisers

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), the government agency that conducts inspections, has been sharply criticized for its “cozy relationship” with the oil and gas industry.

Two MMS employees who inspected Deepwater Horizon in 2009 were quoted in a recent report (PDF) by the Department of Interior inspector general describing the close relationship that MMS inspectors have with the oil industry.

Marcus Mouton inspected Deepwater Horizon June 9, 2009. Mouton told federal investigators he participated in skeet-shooting fundraisers where “various offshore companies sponsored a five person team.

“He said he had thought participating in the events was acceptable because many MMS employees including senior managers attended and participated in them. He explained he did not think offshore companies received any favors in exchange for inviting MMS inspectors to these events.”

Another Deepwater Horizon inspector, Larry Williamson, described the relationship between the oil and gas industry and MMS employees by saying, “Obviously we are all oil industry.” He added “We’re all from the same part of the country. Almost all of our inspectors have worked for oil companies out on these same platforms.” Read More about The Minerals Management Service (MMS) do their jobs at the SOURCE

Who was the money from these skeet-shooting fundraisers going to?  Could it have been going to Obama and other politicians?

Obama goes to Ball game while oil is still coming ashore in the Gulf States!


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One comment on “UPDATE: MMS fundraisers – What’s Up Doc! Outraged at Tony Hayward and Not at Barack Obama? Video

  1. Why is it that there are triple standards for Obama and his partying, baseball games, golfing, campaigning visits. Take a hard look at his 15 minute speech in Ohio on Friday. The list goes on and on.

    BP is responsible for the oil spill… plain and simple.

    Obama is RESPONSIBLE for NOT doing everything possible to insure that the oil did not travel 40 miles to shore Without starting to attack the oil before it reached shore. Now it has spread about 500 miles along our southern coast.

    He and Biden basically blackmailed the BP organization, threatening to sue them into bankruptcy.

    No one is talking about that. As a matter for fact Obama was golfing for the seventh time since the spill this past Saturday.

    He failed to visit the oil spill areas early on… only hit the sands in his typical photo ops AFTER it was mentioned that he had not visited there.

    I for one am outraged that the Messiah has done PLEASURE as usual… Taking advantage of every opportunity to spend taxpayer money on his travels… at the tune of about 500,000 or more per trip. Then the countless dollars spent on security while he golfs, parties and enjoys the good life.

    This is an insult to all Americans… especially those not working, and those in the gulf.

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