Outrageous The Number Of Skimmers Off Coast Of Fla (VIDEO)

Senator LeMieux “The President needs to take more action. There are only 20 skimmers off the coast of Florida. With over 2,000 skimmer vessels in the U.S., according to Admiral Allen, it makes no sense to me why there are so few off the Gulf Coast,” said LeMieux. “I am going to continue to draw attention to this until I see more skimmers helping to clean up Florida’s waters.”

Senator LeMieux has placed a “Skimmer Watch” alert on his website to track the number of skimmers operating off the coast of Florida. The alert can be viewed at LeMieux.Senate.gov.

A U.S. Navy skimmer


Oil Spill Boom

Goodtimepolitics: The images above is not ones taken in the Gulf Oil Spill,  these are the type of skimmers needed there which the United States has many of,  if I heard it right,  there  are 2000 skimmers in the United States that Obama could send to the Gulf Coast oil spill.  He should have acted the first week of the spill by sending skimmers and booms to keep the oil from reaching the marsh lands and beaches. I have worked with these skimmers and they do a good job of picking up oil off the top of the water.

State Department reports today 17 countries have offered 21 times to send aid, including skimmers. Why has the White House refused help? SOURCE

Goodtimepolitics: Come on Obama and send the equipment needed to clean up this oil. Its now 59 days and you’re showing that you have no experince on how to handle a crisis! Ready on day one you say, yea right! Your 3am red phone is ringing!