Alvin Greene and Obama’s identity

As I was thinking about Alvin Greene and Obama’s identity it came to me to ask which is the most dangerous to America, americans owning a gun or top government elected officials such as Alvin Greene and Barack Obama. The answer would have to be government elected officials because they have so much power that they can do more harm to America than any gun could. So how can we stop this from happening. As you know for an american citizen to buy a gun we first have a FBI check done on us. So why is it when a person register to run for a government office they don’t have a FBI check done and if it comes back that they had committed a crime in their past that they are not allowed to run. Obama and Alvin Greene must not of had a FBI check ran on them!

Mistaken Identity

To this date, South Carolina Democrats are still confounded by their candidate for Senate, Alvin Greene. The unemployed veteran, currently using a public defender to deal with an obscenities charge, not only mustered the filing fee of $10,400 but also won handily with 58 percent of the vote READ MORE FROM SOURCE

How about Barack Hussein Obama’s Identity


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