North Carolina, Columbus County schools lose 25 positions

Stimulus fund saved jobs and now those teacher jobs are being cut! So now with no more stimulus money the Columbus County Schools will be in worst shape this coming school year! When will Obama understand that he can not spend the Country out of this crisis? Big spending will only make the crisis worst.

Last week, 25 teachers in the Columbus County schools were given notice by the Columbus County Board of Education that their positions had been cut as part of a reduction-in-force by the county schools.
Had it not been for retirements and resignations during the spring, that number would have reached 35.“We are to take a list of the people we have laid off,” he said. “We are looking to lose 12 more positions if the governor’s budget passes,” he said.

Strickland said that all year, his staff had looked at the current year’s budget minus the stimulus funds to see what would need to be done next year.

There could also be additional layoffs to central office personnel and assistant principals. SOURCE