‘The great British love-in with Barack Obama may be coming to an end.’

Obama’s blame game has hurt him in  foreign affairs, Obama talks tough then when talking on phone face to face with Mr Cameron Obama acts and talks like a little kitten!

President Obama has been accused of ‘trashing’ BP in a bid to curry favour ahead of midterm elections in the autumn.

Richard Ottoway, Tory chairman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, said Washington had no right to interfere with BP’s decision on whether or not to pay a dividend.

And former Labour trade minister and CBI chief Lord [Digby] Jones, said British people would like to see Mr Cameron be ‘more forceful’.

Lord Jones said: ‘You know, it was an American company that built this rig, it was an American company that operated it, it’s an American regulator that told these people not to go shallow but go out deep where the technology is at the borders of what we can do. It’s the American population that take the black stuff and puts it into their gas guzzlers.’

President Obama has also faced a backlash over his savage criticism of BP, with accusations that by passing the buck for the environmentally disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the company, he is damaging the U.S. economy. READ MORE AT THE SOURCE


(1)  Mr Obama – Ever The Professional!