Slick Obama in bed with Oil Companies

Obama as all politicians has received contributions from oil companies so he’s just as much blame for this oil spill as any president. Obama failed his duties as president when he didn’t send a responds team to the oil spill site asap instead of blaming others and acting over 30 days later, if he had sent a quick responds team the oil could have been kept off the shore line so Obama is to blame for the damage to the beaches and its his baby to clean up!
I really think after the spill that Obama decided to use the spill politically to push his cap and tax bill but it had to be damaging enough to do so. Remember the democrats were saying ” not to let a crisis go to waste”. Well there you go Obama isn’t letting the spill go to waste, he’s using it for his political agenda! As you know Obama’s agenda comes before the fishermen and others that the spill will affect!

Obama says, “I don’t take money from oil companies.”

Two oil industry executives bundled money for Obama drumming up contributions from individuals and turning them over to the campaign. George Kaiser, the chairman of Oklahoma-based Kaiser-Francis Oil Co., ranks 68th on the Forbes list of world billionaires. He’s listed on Obama’s Web site as raising between $50,000 and $100,000 for the candidate. Robert Cavnar is president and CEO of Milagro Exploration LLC, an oil exploration and production company. He’s named as a bundler in the same category as Kaiser.

Back during the campaign when the Clinton campaign criticized Obama’s ad, calling it “false advertising,” Obama’s campaign quickly noted that he didn’t take money from political action committees or lobbyists.
It’s true that he doesn’t accept contributions from individuals who are registered to lobby the federal government. But he does take money from their spouses and from other individuals at firms where lobbyists work. And some of his bigger fundraisers were registered lobbyists until they signed on with the Obama campaign.  SOURCE