GOP Could Pick Up 8 Governorships

Republicans could pick up eight governorships in November if current trends continue, according to a new report released by Larry Sabato’s University of Virginia Center for Politics. There are currently 24 GOP governors, and of the 23 open gubernatorial races 12 are now held by Democrats and 11 by Republicans.

At the same time, Sabato has not projected Democrats will take over any governorships currently held by Republicans.Read More at Source

The nearer we get to the mid-term elections the better it looks for the Repubicans. The American people are tired of being dictated to by the democrats and their leader Barack Hussien Obama! Come 2012 maybe we can evict Barack from the White House which will be a change we can live with! Find a tea party near you and join in with this change for the good of our great Nation! Maybe then the unemployment can go down and people will be able to find jobs. We have to stop this big government spending spree of Barack Obama!