Obama Withholding Times Square bombing Data

A top lawmaker on the House intelligence committee said Sunday the Obama administration is withholding information about the botched Times Square bombing from Congress, continuing a pattern in which Capitol Hill isn’t getting the information it needs to conduct oversight.

The California Democrat and Missouri Republican said the lack of information has “caused serious friction in the relationship of the committee, on both sides of the aisle, and the executive branch.”

One of these days there will be an attack, it will be successful, and then people will want to know what was done and why weren’t things done to stop it, and it will all be on the heads of this administration……READ MORE AT SOURCE

What new, Obama and his crooks has kept everything a secret about terrorist acts from the people which makes us wonder why, does it not! Obama seem to protect the terrorist at every turn, giving them the rights of American citizens, trying to close Gitmo without anywhere to send the terrorist and wanting to bring them onto our soil.  2012 can’t come fast enough so we can get this dictator out of our White House!


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