Obama’s Radical Policies Threaten America

Barack Obama’s radical policies and appointees endanger America’s standing in the world, says policy advocate and author David Horowitz.

Horowitz, founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, describes Obama as the “most inexperienced radical and divisive president in America’s history” in his pamphlet titled, “Obama’s Professor and America’s Cultural Crisis.”

He takes particular issue with several of Obama’s appointees, most notably Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Kagan should be dropped from consideration because of her refusal to allow military recruiters at Harvard Law School and her opposition to the high court’s Citizens United decision against a ban on corporate political spending, Horowitz tells Newsmax.TV.

“Elena Kagan is a radical, she’s is a left-winger, and therefore she’s anti-military,” Horowitz says. “It’s just amazing to me that these leftists think gays in the military is a civil-rights issue. Read More and Watch Video at Source

Here another Obama radical appointee, just like himself! People we better make Obama a lame duck in the November elections if we want to stop this crazy path he has us on! I’m tired of this dictator and his policies in our White House! Find a Tea Party near you and join in to rid Washington of all these Obama backers! We can do it by getting out in force to vote come November!


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