Kids in Colorado being asked to pay to ride school bus!

Parents in Colorado’s third-largest school district are being asked to pay if their kids want to ride the bus to school.

The Douglas County school board voted 5-0 Tuesday night to approve a 50-cent-per-ride transportation fee starting next school year. The decision will affect about 17,000 students who ride the bus this year. The district hopes to raise $2 million with the program.

The buses will have Zonar GPS units to track student ridership. Students will have a card or a ZPass that will track their use of the bus.

Douglas County Schools will have to pay $221,000 in three equal installments over the next three years to fully implement the GPS tracking technology. READ MORE AT SOURCE

Leave it to Colorado to come up with a charge to school children to ride a school bus to school! I guess they will get money from any where and any way they can, even from charging a fare to ride a school bus!


3 comments on “Kids in Colorado being asked to pay to ride school bus!

  1. Can you imagine a kindergarten child with a card he/she has to carry every day? What will happen when the inevitable happens? I lost my card, it’s at home. If a parent refuses to pay, will their child be prohibited from riding the bus? This really, really bothers me. Agreed?

  2. Agree 100% Tarheeltalker, and how about the government saying it racist for the police to ask an illegal mexican to show their card? How can the government or school leaders force a child to pay to ride a school bus when the government requires them to attend school until they’re 16 years old? Its the same thing as requiring people to buy health insurance or be fined! We the people have to take our Country back in November, we have to cause that’s the only way this nonsense will ever stop!

  3. Parents may soon have to pay for kids to go to school in the US. Many 3rd world countries charge parents “school fees”.

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