Barack Obama can call his new World Order anything he likes, but we know its Socialist World Order!

Barack Obama can call his new World Order anything he likes; it’s still the old Karl Marx manifesto reworked. Their corps principles are the people are dependent on and responsible to the state. The state is the primary decision maker in all cases. The problem with Obama-ism [aka] socialism is it stifles the individual’s incentives to perform to think to create. When the first pilgrims came to the new world they had no government, they were the government and as Americans we’ve struggled for nearly 400 years to keep it where we the people are the government and the bureaucracy is solely responsible to the people. Every so often the politicians must be reminded it’s “We [not they] the people” who are in charge. When things go wrong it’s the President who gets the blame, a president can’t act without the support of congress. In the case of the Obama administration congress has completely acquiesced to their masters demands. In the past 16 months every safeguard the founders put in the constitution to prevent a dictatorial government has been violated by the Obama administration and the 111th congress, this can’t be tolerated any further. READ MORE AT SOURCE

No one could have said it no better than Ken Hughes that wrote the above post, I suggest going to his page and reading the total post. Maybe we all should listen to what Glenn Beck has been telling us all along, Mr. Beck has been right on in the things he has reported. We the people have a chance to change the way our Great Nation is headed come the November elections. Lets be sure to check out each politician’s voting history and if they have supported all of Obama’s socialist bills such as the Obamacare bill that was push down our throats against our will. Let make Obama a lame duck his last two years as president and vote him out of our White House in 2012! Find a Tea Party Group near you and join into taking our Country back from these crooks we have in the White House!

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