Arlen Specter defeat is a blow to Barack Obama’s political power

The defeat of Sen. Arlen Specter, the longest serving senator in Pennsylvania history, marks the end of a political era.

It also proves that Washington politicians that lived by the rule of political expediency are finished, as far as American voters are concerned.

The Specter defeat also is a blow to Barack Obama’s political power. Specter strongly backed Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package and his massive healthcare overhaul.

Though Obama strongly backed Specter, and put his political muscle behind the turncoat Republican, along with the powerful political machine of Democratic Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, Democratic voters sent a jarring message Tuesday night by picking maverick and conservative Joe Sestak as their nominee. READ MORE

Should have listen to the American people, you didn’t and now Obama you and rest of the democrats will pay the price!


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