Lawmakers launched a task force to reclaim States’ Rights

A group of Republican lawmakers launched a task force on Thursday that seeks to reclaim the powers they say the federal government has unconstitutionally taken away from the 50 states.

The 10th Amendment Task Force, a project of the Republican Study Committee, will develop and promote proposals that aim to usher in what supporters are calling a “New Era of Federalism.”

“When federalism is out of balance, people get hurt,” Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, one of the group’s 10 co-founding members, said at a news conference Thursday. “We want to empower state and local governments.”

“We’ve trampled on the 10th Amendment many times and we will monitor pending legislation to try to stop that,” said Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, another co-founding member.

The other task force members are: Reps. Tom Price of Georgia, John Culberson of Texas, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Michael Conaway of Texas, Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Doug Lamborn of Colorado, and Tom McClintock of California.

The lawmakers say the task force was created in response to the “public outcry over the concentration of power and the one-size-fits-all solutions from Washington.” SOURCE

Obama and the democrats has taken more rights from the States’ in the last year than any other time in history. It’s about time that the American people stand up for their rights along with their States’ rights! Will you be for taking our rights back in November or will you be for the Obama government taking more of your freedom and rights? I will fight back against Obama and his agenda by not casting a vote for any person with the word democrats in front of their name!