Obama 2nd Circuit Nominee Abused Power

Lost amid all the flurry regarding Arizona’s new immigration law and Obama’s efforts (with Republican assistance) to have the federal government run Wall Street has been the nomination of Federal District Judge Robert N. Chatigny to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. But you should care. A lot.

Why? Circuit court judges have a great deal of power and influence. Yet, this is a man who abused his power as a judge to help a rapist/serial killer, attempted to strike down the sex offender registry known as Megan’s law (a decision later unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court) and sentenced child porn distributors well below the sentencing guideline range. In particular, his unethical handling of the case of “the Roadside Strangler,” serial killer Michael B. Ross, is one of the most egregious displays of arrogance and abuse of power by any judge in recent memory. Senator Coburn properly points out at the Judiciary Committee hearing at 56:31 that it sure seems odd that the only death penalty case Chatigny worked in 25 years, involving a serial killer and rapist of 8 young women somehow just “slipped his mind.”SOURCE

This brings up these questions again, who is Barack Obama and his agenda? Why is Obama for everything that degrades our great Country and against anything that makes our Country better? Maybe after the November elections we will have a better chance at getting answers to both these questions. What say you?