‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ is misnamed, the organization is actually an extremist Leftwing group

The ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ is misnamed. Rather than focusing on providing legal aid to those who live in poverty the organization is actually an extremist Leftwing group that pushes an anti-Constitutional, pro-Socialist philosophy and ‘monitors rightwing hate groups.’

It just so happens that anyone, anywhere who stands firmly for the political philososphy of our Founders, honors and defends the U.S. Constitution as THE final rule of law in the land, and fights against attempts by radical extremists to ‘fundamentally change’ America from a free, capitalistic society to a Marxist one, is automatically labeled as ‘a dangerous extremist hate-group or individual.’

And naturally, extremist Leftwing hate groups are not on the list, such as Code Pink, PETA, ACORN, SEIU, and others that have actively engaged in violence against conservatives.

Perhaps the SPLC is not about calling attention to hate groups at all but singularly committed to smearing conservatives any way it can by lumping them together with the likes of Timothy McVeigh.

And that could well qualify the Southern Poverty Law Center as a ‘hate group’ in and of itself. SOURCE

These are the kinds of groups that back Obama and his socialist, Marxist agenda! We the American voters better start waking up to what is happening to our great country.  Are we going to allow Obama and his gang to take over all our freedoms! Spend our tax money on his friends and supporters, and allow Iran to have nukes while cutting our nukes back.  What is Obama up to people, does anyone know or care?  Are we not worried about what our children will be left with as they get to be adults, will they still have any freedom left after Obama and the democrats?  Anyone like to make a comment about what they expect this country to turn into if Obama keeps down the same path he’s on?  Speak up and speak loud with a bite to be heard!


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  1. Did you see that Iran had a nuclear conference a couple of days ago? Managed to bash Israel before they finished.

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