End of an era of Kennedy politics in America

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, the last member of his famous family still serving in elective office, has decided not to seek a ninth term in Congress.

“I will not be a candidate for reelection this year,” the 42-year-old Kennedy says in an emotion-laden advertisement released by his office Thursday that will air Sunday night. SOURCE

I see that his former chief of staff Richardson is trying to spin this good news by saying that poor polling numbers and the election of Republican Scott Brown to his father seat had nothing to do with him not seeking re-election. Yea right! Along with his car crash on Capitol Hill in 2006 while on drugs, I would say it has everything to do with him not running for re-election. The democrats are running away from a losing election year! Most Americans can see why and it’s because of the democrat voting records in congress! Does he need someone to hold the door open, many of us will do just that for him!


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  2. TY for clearing that up. When I saw the headline this AM, I wondered: “Is he the last one?”

    It’s like getting your driveway shoveled out, after 60 years.

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