‘Snowmageddon’ brings chaos to Washington DC worst blizzard in 90 years

Nearly 2ft of snow fell on Washington today with President Barack Obama dubbing the whiteout ‘Snowmageddon’.
And as the blizzard hit the US capital forecasters warned tonight that some of it could be heading to the UK this week.
At least two people were killed and more than 200,000 homes were without power due to ‘thigh-high’ drifts thought to be the heaviest snowfall in the city for 90 years. SOURCE

This is globle warming huh? Where is Al Gore when Washington DC needs him. Is G.W. Bush the blame for Snowmageddon? If the democrats and Obama has their way Bush will be blamed!

A growing number of Britons are sceptical about global warmingThe rapid change in public opinion has been fuelled by the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December, the bitterly cold winter and the row over leaked emails from the University of East Anglia, which showed scientists attempting to hide data from sceptics.
At the same time, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has come under fire after it admitted making mistakes in several of its published reports.
Two weeks ago, the IPCC was forced to apologise for another report that claimed Himalayan glaciers could disappear as soon as 2035.
It later emerged that most of the figures came from two 1999 magazine interviews, which had been recycled by the environmental campaign group WWF. The charity was found to have made basic errors in its arithmetic.
Just last week, it emerged that another claim – that 40 per cent of the Amazon was extremely vulnerable to a tiny decline in rain – was lifted from a second unsubstantiated report published by the WWF.

More about the emails…..

Scientists discussing how to manipulate historical temperature data
The stolen emails, which emerged on the eve of the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, appear to show scientists discussing how to manipulate historical temperature data.

In one, head of the Climate Research Centre, Professor Phil Jones, talked of using a ‘trick’ to hide inconvenient data.
They were seized upon by climate sceptics as proof that experts are manipulating data to prove the theory that humans are to blame for rising temperatures. SOURCE

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  1. George W Bush, bringer of the snow,yet another trick to frustrate Obama. Those evil snow making Republicans are nothing more than the enemy of America. How long before we hear that. No truth to the rumor that a snowman in the likeness of Al Gore is standing outside the White House.

  2. Just nitced this on Rush. Senator Boxer from 2oo7 talking about how mild winters were evidence of global warming. Now they say that severe winters are the result o f global warming. It leaves me quite confused.

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