Phoenix Arizona approved a sales tax on grocery items

The food tax will take effect April 1.  

The tax on milk, meat, vegetables and other food purchased by shoppers will generate an estimated $12.5 million for the fiscal year that ends June 30. It will raise another $50 million for fiscal 2011. Food purchased with food stamps will not be taxed.

The extra tax revenue means Phoenix will have more money in its coffers to help close a $241 million general-fund budget deficit through June 2011. Last week, budget officials proposed cutting $140 million in services. Other special funds for things like transit also could get money.

City Manager David Cavazos proposed eliminating 1,379 citywide positions, including nearly 500 police officers and firefighters. Among the dozens of targeted cuts, libraries and senior centers would be closed, an after-school program would be dismantled, and bus and light-rail service would be significantly reduced.  SOURCE

Let me guess, these are jobs that Obama has claim to have saved! Wait a second, if Obama saved these jobs then why is it that the people having a tax charged on their food to re-save the jobs? I will ask again are you better off under the leadership of Barack Obama? The answer is no!


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4 comments on “Phoenix Arizona approved a sales tax on grocery items

  1. Taxes on food. They’re basically taxing the people for being alive. I don’t know if that would be worth it in the kidnap capital of the United States.

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  3. My guess is that people will just drive a mile and not buy food in Phoenix. That’s what happened in Colorado when Englewood started taxing food, at least I think it was Englewood. Stores closed, and the city lost revenue. Typical of big government solutions that only cause more problems.

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