Scott Brown has captured the “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts

In one of the most shocking turnabouts in modern political history, GOP underdog Scott Brown has single-handedly captured the so-called “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts, wiped out the Democratic supermajority in Congress, and pushed the president’s Obamacare agenda to the very brink of a stunning defeat. SOURCE

Sen. Webb: Suspend All Healthcare Votes

Sen. Webb Released a statement late Tuesday evening acknowledging that the only way for Congress to begin to regain its credibility with the American people is to suspend all consideration of healthcare until Sen.-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts can be seated.

Earlier, Democrats had openly discussed delaying its certification of Brown’s election, to give the Obama administration time to strong-arm a healthcare compromise through the Senate.

Webb’s statement, and the scope of Brown’s win over Democrat Martha Coakley, would appear to make it highly unlikely that such foot-dragging would be tolerated even by Senate Democrats. SOURCE

Mass. Loss Costs Obama Votes to Propel Healthcare

A stinging loss Tuesday in Massachusetts has cost President Barack Obama and the Democrats the 60-vote Senate majority they’ve relied on to push a historic healthcare overhaul to the verge of enactment.

Now what? It’s miles of bad road in any direction.

Obama and party leaders anxiously worked through fallback options —none good SOURCE

Good news for the American people to wake up to!

Brown Gives Rousing Victory Speech

Chants of “Go Scott Go!” reverberated at Scott Brown headquarters Tuesday night as the newest Republican elected to the U.S. Senate gave a rousing acceptance speech.

“I bet they can hear this cheering all the way in Washington, D.C.!” Brown said, following his victory over Democrat Martha Coakley. “I hope they’re paying close attention, because tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken.” SOURCE

When will the democrats and Obama start listening to the people? 4 elections now and 4 republican wins should be a strong message to Obama to stop the non-sense or his turn will come in 2012 to pack his bags and move out of the White House! Looks as if he will throw a bunch of democrats under the bus and packing for home in Nov, 2010!


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7 comments on “Scott Brown has captured the “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts

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  2. One hill won, but many more to go. Let’s hope the Republicans dont take this as an endorsement of the GOP, too many RINO’s. Let’s hope they wake up before the Dem’s do.
    Bob A.

  3. From what I been seeing on C-SPAN is the republicans has been wanting a health care bill that would cut cost without the government take over. Thats what I think should happen! What you think?

  4. It’s still amazing at how many times I have heard that the American people “want health care reform”. David Axlerod was saying on NPR this evening that once people started reaping the benefits of the bill, then they would understand. He said the American people didn’t really know what was in the bill because of the misinformation put out by the opposition.

    I say he is wrong. The American people do know what is in this legislation and they are not pleased. They showed that displeasure yesterday in Massachusetts.

  5. Looks as if we are all in agreement here! Yes Boudicabpi nailed it and I think the people in Massachusetts did to and show it with their votes!

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