Another Democrat Gives Up On Midterm Election!

Democrat Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas announced tonight he, too, will not be seeking reelection in November. Specifically, Snyder cited the uphill battle he’d face to win. Republican Griffin currently leads Snyder by 17 points in polls. SOURCE

Hey liberals why do you think these democrats are giving up on the election and retiring for home life? Don’t you think that it’s because most Americans are fed up with Obama and the democrats spending, spending and socialist agenda! Where are you bragging liberals at, not as many of you spamming conservative boggers these days!


(1)  Will Their Tactics Be Successful?


3 comments on “Another Democrat Gives Up On Midterm Election!

  1. Let’s hope this is part of a trend and not the same cycle where the party in the White House normally loses seats in the midterm. It needs to be a rout in November.

  2. The democrats are in trouble no matter which way they throw the ball they lose the game in the long run!

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