Most Voters Believe Obama Care Will Mean Higher Cost!

17% of the American people believe passage of the health care legislation will achieve the stated goal of reducing health care costs. Fifty-seven percent (57%) think it will lead to higher costs. SOURCE

Is the Democrat control Congress listening to the people? I can answer that very easy, NO! Do the Democrats care what the American people want, another easy answer, NO! So what are we the people going to do about it come election day? This voter will cast his vote to send them packing toward home with their tail between their legs! What will you do, be  timid and roll over, play dead and take what ever they give you? Most likely, if not tell me I’m wrong!


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3 comments on “Most Voters Believe Obama Care Will Mean Higher Cost!

  1. I cannot believe that 100% of people dont believe there will be a higher cost. Wait, yes I do because some have doubtless drunk the kool-aid.

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