Harry Reid remark Not His First One

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remark about Barack Obama isn’t his first gaffe, in the past he has called President G.W. Bush a liar and Alan Greenspan a hack! His latest remark saying “Obama as a “light skinned’ African American with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.” This could be Reid’s fall from power in the senate and his loss in this election. We all know that if it had been a Republican making such a racist remark that the Democrats would have been all over it calling on the person to step down.

From what I get out of Reid’s remark is he’s saying that African American has a NEGRO dialect! What the blacks need to ask Reid is where did he come up with its OK to call them Negro, I thought that was a no no for years as it should be!  Maybe I’m thinking out of the box and its ok to call an African American a negro as long as you’re a democrat! Am I wrong?


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  2. He was really taking aim at the American people, suggesting that ‘we’ weren’t ready for a black man in the White House. In the process his inner Strom Thurmond came out. You’ve been exposed Harry.

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