Two Out and 5 More Senate Dems In Trouble

While two Senate Democrats already have seen the handwriting on the wall and bailed out of re-election races, five others trail Republicans in states where President Obama and his trillion-dollar health-care-reform plan are increasingly unpopular. From Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trails badly, to Arkansas, where Sen. Blanche Lincoln is polling at just 40 percent in head-to-head matchups with four possible Republican challengers, opposition to the health-care bill is reverberating. “As numerous polls continue to reflect, Americans in key battleground states disapprove of the president’s massive health-care proposal.

 These democrats seem not to understand that Obama could care less about their careers as long as they vote his agenda. If the Obama control government health care passes then we shall see many more democrats packing their desk and sent home by the American voters.

4 comments on “Two Out and 5 More Senate Dems In Trouble

  1. And, now we have some comments from Senator Reid that are somewhat derogatory towards Obama. Should Reid step down as majority leader? I’m guessing that if he were a Republican he might be hounded out of office entirely.

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  3. Had Reid been a Republican, the sheets and hoods would have been out, Sharpton would be all over the media, and Reid would have to resign. But he’s a Dem, so he’s going for reelection.

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