UPS to lay off 1,800 workers

UPS Inc will cut 1,800 management and administrative jobs, less than 1 percent of its global work force, and raised its earnings guidance for the fourth quarter by 13 percent to 20 percent.

About 1,100 employees will be offered a voluntary separation package as part of the work force reduction, which is designed to streamline the company’s U.S. small package business. Other cuts will come through attrition and layoffs, the Atlanta-based company said. SOURCE

1800 more jobs to go along with the millions already lost that Obama has not saved as he said he did! The American workers are hurting and Obama and the democrats are still spending which will raise taxes on companies and all Americans. If you ever had to live on an unemployment checks you know that a family can not make it with the prices of food and products going up. A worker that earn $8.00 and hour gets about and I mean about $200.00 a week….tell me how many people with a family can live off that! Then when you go into the employment office they treat you like you’re nothing. My son was just layoff and he got home he said that he was made to feel the lowest and that they act as if its their money you’re getting. I know as I have been there once in my life and its no fun. Obama and the democrats does not seem to get it! Lower taxes and forget this big health care spending bill or lose your seat!


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