Treasury Secretary Geithner Caught In His Own Watergate!

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should heed the lessons of Martha Stewart and Richard Nixon: It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Geithner’s active appointment schedule with Wall Street’s elite during his time as president of the New York Fed as evidence of his true allegiance. These meeting included lunches with brokerage CEOs at such power haunts as the Four Seasons and corporate dining rooms.

Geithner looks bad enough by being in the same room with AIG. He looks downright filthy in trying to keep the nosy public from following the money, its own money.

He may survive the outcry and the congressional hearings being threatened, but as an effective proponent of Wall Street reform, he’s lost credibility. SOURCE

The truth is starting to come out and this voter feels that its going to get very messy before its over! Not only is Geithner a tax dodger but a crook to boot!


(1)  Geithner Funneled Tax Money To Goldman Sachs