Barack Obama Approval Ratings Ready for a Big Dive

 What’s to follow is likely bad news for the White House. The president is like a man who crosses the street from the left side, only to hesitate when he gets in the middle of traffic. He’s in danger of getting hit simultaneously from both directions. Look for the likelihood of polling numbers to that effect by early 2010. Source

I would say that Matt Towery hit his predictions on the nose! He wrote the above back on 04 Dec, 2009 and here we are on 07 Jan, 2010 and yes Obama’s approval rating are now falling! Democrats are quiting congress and we’re having terrorist attacks on our soil for the first time since 9/11. Obama did away with the tools or changed the tools that President Bush had in place to protect America from terrorist and now Obama has allowed 3 attacks in the last 6 months! He’s been on a spending spree and with no good results as unemployment is still the highest ever. He’s went back on all his campaign promises to the voters and he is now starting to pay for his lying with low approval ratings.


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