The Voters Are Having Their Say Early, Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Relection!

A stunning wave of Democratic retirements and defections signals a “tsunami” of voter discontent that will hurt President Obama’s ability to deliver on his ambitious legislative agenda. SOURCE

The voters are having their say early and the democrat crooks such as Chris Dodd will not run for re-election. As this election draws closer we shall see more and more pressure on the democrats for their illegal moves! It isn’t looking good for Obama in 2012 because he was right on top of the list in borrowing money from the banks with lower interest rates than anyone else. The American people has awaken, and these crooks know that their tail is out of congress!

Democratic Senators, Gov. Ditch Re-Election Plans

With the 2010 election year barely under way, two senators and one governor — all Democrats — ditched plans to run for re-election in the latest signs of trouble for President Barack Obama’s party. Taken together, the decisions by Sens. Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota as well as Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter caused another bout of heartburn for Democrats as they struggle to defend themselves in a sour political environment for incumbents, particularly the party in charge. SOURCE


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9 comments on “The Voters Are Having Their Say Early, Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Relection!

  1. Of course I want to see the Democrats run like the wind outta there; but the way I’m feeling about the thing as a whole, I’d like to see every encumbent ousted and have to get a real job. I think clearing out the entire Congress and filling it with people that have the interests of the American people is the only way to start taking our country back. Hello “term limits”.

  2. Steve the problem is how will we know if what they say during the campaign is honest if they have never held office? I say vote on their records and if what they have done in the past was not good for America and its people, then kick them out on their heels. But keep this in mind that most liberals will back Obama all the way on anything he wants. We need a balance congress, but then there is some bills that has past that need to be looked into by a new congress and you and I both know that the democrats will not do it!

  3. Scumbags like Dodd know that what they are doing is wrong. They don’t give a flying f%$k and will vote to destroy us and then run. Time to wake up in 2010. Agree with you Steve.

  4. I don’t know about that tarheeltalker. Dodd is a symbol of what the people are angry at. He’s a casualty of something bigger than him. Of course, the GOP is basically rudderless. That’s the only thing that keeps the Dems in the game. The only thing.

  5. I think what Tarheeltalker was saying is knowing Connecticut it will elect a democrat no matter what.

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