Obama’s New Mess, Security, Accountability

Though it’s unclear whether the president will demand resignations, he and other officials in his administration have warned about the need for “accountability” in the face of security concerns across several agencies.

The latest breach happened Sunday evening at Newark Liberty International Airport, where flights were grounded for hours after a man, who has still not been found, walked through an exit into the secure side of a terminal. All passengers were evacuated and then had to be re-screened before they were allowed to board their planes.

The attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day shined a bright light on airport security gaps as well as potential failures to share information among various intelligence agencies. Days later, the crew on a flight from Baltimore to New York City found a firecracker on board after the plane landed.

with Capitol Hill hearings set to start later this month and the administration’s review underway, some lawmakers are asking, who dropped the ball?

“Somebody screwed up big time,” Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a written statement last week announcing hearings in January. SOURCE

Here is that word again “accountability”, when will we see it carried out in Washington…yes accountability? In the first place is Barack Obama as the Commander and Chief, in other words the leader and the boss of Homeland Security does it not come down to his poor leadership and judgement on his picks to run the agencies!

Looking more like Jimmy Carter every day that pass!


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