American Health Care to UK NHS Health Care

Comparing America’s Health Care to UK NHS Health Care makes you sit back and think of how great our American health care is. The liberals would have you think that some Americans don’t get treatment cause they don’t have health insurance, so when was the last time someone was refused treatment at a hospital in America, never because the hospital is not allowed to refuse treatment were a person can pay for the treatment or not. Read what Richard Littlejohn had to say about the different in America’s health care over the government_run UK NHS! After hearing all the stories about the health care in the UK, why on Earth would anyone in their right mind want to change our health care to a government_run health care? Only the liberals want such a health care!

America Health Care

The level of care she has received has been extraordinary. Mum owes her life to the superb doctors and nurses at the William Beaumont Hospital. Not for the first time.

She’s on the same ward where she was treated for a heart condition two years ago, which inspired me to write about this remarkable medical institution and contrast it with our own sacred National Health Service.

UK   NHS  Health Care

You can’t even get to see your GP the same day unless you’re prepared to get up at the crack of dawn and keep hitting the redial button until the automated answering system sees fit to let you speak to a real human being  or, failing that, a hatchet-faced ‘Computer Says No’ receptionist.

Even then, the chances of getting an appointment which suits you are about as remote as winning the Lottery and you’ll be lucky to see the same doctor twice.

If you are unfortunate enough to get admitted to hospital, there’s a good chance of contracting a fatal disease once you’re in there, as a result of the criminally negligent standards of hygiene.

The father of a friend went into an Essex hospital for a minor operation and was dead within days from MRSA. According to reports over the weekend, he was just one of thousands killed by the NHS every year. Read more at SOURCE