So You Want Government Run Health Care, Do You!

Dozens of patients died needlessly as a result of filthy conditions in an NHS hospital, a shocking report said last night.

Appalling nursing care in Basildon University Hospital contributed to a mortality rate that was more than a third higher than the national average.
At least 70 people may have died who should have been saved.
It is the latest example of patients paying the ultimate price for Labour’s failure to stamp out Third World conditions in the NHS – despite trebling taxpayer funding over the past decade. SOURCE

This is a shame and the liberals in America is wanting this same kind of health care! To get the full picture you need to go read the story at the source! What do you think, still want government-run health care after reading this from the UK?


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  1. What an attitude. That hospital director is basically saying that they don’t suck any worse than any other hospital. Imagine how bad the healthcare is there.

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