Older Americans crowding soup kitchens

Older Americans who were raised on stories of the Great Depression and acquired lifelong habits of thrift now find themselves crowding soup kitchens and food pantries in greater numbers for the first time after seeing retirement funds, second jobs and nest eggs wiped out by recession.
“What we see in line is lots of gray hair, lots of walkers,” said Marti Forman, CEO of The Cooperative Feeding Program in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
The help is crucial for many fixed-income seniors, who can’t always keep up with rising food prices. SOURCE

How can Obama walk around laughing from ear to ear giving taxpayer money to his big campaign donation supporters while allowing older Americans to beg for food? Not only is he paying the people who supported him for president he’s also traveling around the World spending money at a faster rate than any president before him. Having big parties at the White House while these older Americans are crying for help. If the Obama government health care gets passed it will also cut billions of dollars from medicare/Medicaid that provides these same Older Americans with needed treatment and equipment such as motor chairs and other things that make their lives a little better.  Obama and the democrats are doing the same thing they accused President Bush of, giving to the BIG COMPANIES and to the Rich that supported him in the campaign! Obama is a little man with a big ego and could care less about the elder and the poor. How can you diehard Obama fans support him when he only cares for himself?   I know, I know that you liberals aren’t going to answer that question because it shames you!


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