Cuba launches military exercises to guard against US invasion

Cuba’s armed forces launched three days of intense military exercises across the island Thursday, a mobilization that state-controlled media says is designed to guard against an American invasion.

Americans focused on a U.S. military assault more likely are thinking about how President Barack Obama will pursue war in……Read More

With all the loving of Cuba by Obama this is what he gains from it. When will Obama learn that being strong is better than being a pansy! The more Obama talks the more dangerous he becomes. People knew he didn’t have experience to be president and still voted for him. Campaign lies got Obama elected and nothing else.


2 comments on “Cuba launches military exercises to guard against US invasion

  1. We have not gone that low, Obumble is trying to drag us that low. Cuba doesn’t have to worry about the U. S. invading, Odumbo would have us go in 1600’s sailing ships with single load black powder rifles to even the playing field. He is a joke.
    Bob A.

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