Colorado Springs: Obama hedging on promises

President Barack Obama has repeatedly promised that Americans wouldn’t see a tax increase if they make less than $250,000, and if they like their health insurance, they can keep it.

It seems now that the president has no intention of keeping those promises. The health care legislation he supports would impose a significant tax hike on individuals making more than $85,000.

Additionally, for senior citizens Medicare will face more than $400 billion in lost benefits.

It seems that taxpayers and seniors now face new promises from Obama: higher taxes on the middle class and increased cost, reduced access, watered-down quality and rationed care for patients.

Finally, more than 182 members of Congress support a three-day waiting period on health care legislation so that the Congressional Budget Office can estimate its cost and so that Congress and the American public can read the final legislation. With health care legislation frequently longer than Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” a three-day waiting period so that legislators can read it seems like a good idea — particularly so when taxpayers will be asked to pay $800 billion or more.  SOURCE

The source where I got this is a very interesting page and shows a light on more of the Colorado people than just the Obama people. To read what a couple of people from Colorado Springs said in comments you would think all Colorado Springs voters loves Obama so much that they would vote for him no matter what he did! From this page I see something totally different. Oh, I know I will be attack by both of them if they’re able to read my post, mayeb they should go back to school.


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