Former British police officer who wants to bring down Barack Obama

Sankey is pursuing what he believes to be fraud on a gigantic scale a conspiracy, no less, to infiltrate and destroy the free world by putting a foreign imposter into the White House.

Together with other activists, he seeks to prove that Barack Obama is not a true American and is therefore ineligible to be president.

Over the past year Sankey has been at the centre of some of the most aggressive efforts by the Birthers to unseat the president. At the end of last year he tried to block Obama’s inauguration by contacting all 538 electoral college representatives who formally elect the president. More recently, he has carried out his own probe into Obama’s personal identification history which has revealed, he believes, a suspicious multiplicity of social security numbers. SOURCE

Obama you just don’t get it do you? This isn’t going away as long as you spend millions of dollars keeping what ever it is you’re hiding from the American people. Many Americans are asking what it is that Obama is hiding to make him spend so much money to keep it a secret!


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  1. I would have to agree Patrick Sperry, he has to be hiding something that would be very bad for people to see.

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