Obama ‘Very Dangerous,’ Causing ‘Severe Damage’

One of the leaders of the nation’s influential Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) tells Newsmax that President Obama is “very dangerous” in his economic policies and his foreign policy is causing “severe damage” to U.S. standing in the world.

He pointed out that Southern Baptist make up a “disproportionate” membership in the Armed Forces and that the SBC strongly opposes any changes to military policies relating to gays in the military. He suggested that changes Obama has stated he will make would undermine military readiness because it could cause many evangelicals serving in the military to leave. SOURCE

Being a veteran I know for sure that I would not have joined the Military and would have got out if military policies as Obama calls for was passed in to law. Ever heard the old saying ” you turn out to be like the people you hang around”? Well this southern boy will not be hanging around gays.


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