CWD Deadly Cousin to Mad Cow Disease Reported In Deers

A Wildlife Enforcement officer said hunters can help solve the problem by taking every deer they can legally shoot, he encourage hunters to take every deer on their tag, especially does. North Carolina hunters that is as this was talking about North Carolina deer.
From what I have read is the over population of deer is what cause the out break of CWD.  Just another failed government management and this one is wildlife management. You can find out more about this deadly disease here…. Read More


One comment on “CWD Deadly Cousin to Mad Cow Disease Reported In Deers

  1. Having had to deal with CWD in Colorado for years I thought moving to northern Wyoming would put that all behind me. Well? Nope, first cases in deer were late last year,and the first case in elk was just reported about twenty- five miles from where I live.

    Gads, I hope we don’t have to start culling here to control it!

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