Republicans host a big rally In Washington against Democrats’ health care


Republicans host a rally against Democrats’ health care reform, calling on those who attend to track down their elected representatives in Congress and put pressure on them to think twice about voting for the more than $1 trillion health care overhaul.As a crowd of protesters shouted “kill the bill,” House Republicans on Thursday rallied opposition against the Democrats’ health care legislation, even as President Obama touted two major endorsements from doctors and seniors groups.

The president interrupted the daily press briefing Thursday to note that the American Medical Association and AARP had just endorsed House Democrats’ health care plan.

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The American people are mad as hell over Obama and the democrats in congress trying to shove their government run healthcare down our throats. If the democrats pass this healthcare bill then I think they will pay a high price in lost of seats come 2010 elections and Obama will be a one term president. Its also time to boycott AARP because they’re showing who side they’re on and its not us seniors, AARP is sticking to the money side as their insurance sells would sky rocket into billion of dollars for them after Obama cuts medicare to seniors. You better fight back and fight with all your might or you will lose what benefits you get from medicare. And young people if you care for your parents and grand parents then you will say no to the democrats healthcare bill.


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  1. Olbermann said that the rally was racist hate speech. Not sure where he got the race thing from, but he said it. They’ll say anything at this point.

  2. The thing that chaps my a$$ the most is that Obama and his band of thugs are going to shove this through no matter what. The sign over America’s sovereignty at the Copenhagen summit, using this fraud of climate control.

  3. Both of my young adult kids understand the implications of this health care bill and they will vote next year, accordingly.
    This is such a dangerous path we are started on and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to stop it. I’m scared to death that this will pass the senate.

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