Federal Takeover of U.S. Medical Education

This is a must read story. After reading about this its clear that Obama and the democrats are going to do their best to socialize America.

The healthcare plans being pushed by Democratic Party leaders not only call for a federally run health insurance program, but they also seek to socialize medicine through management of medical education. One leading neurosurgeon – Dr. Russell Blaylock – tells Newsmax that the plans being cooked up amount to a federal takeover of U.S. medical education.

According to Blaylock, increased federal involvement in medical education indicates that proponents of reform “are lying,” and intend to socialize the healthcare sector. Healthcare accounts for approximately one-sixth of the nation’s economy. Read More

We have to stop Obama from taking over health care so whenever there an election please standup for your Country and VOTE! I don’t think very many Americans want a socialist government telling us what we can have or not have. I say again, use your right, VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION!


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4 comments on “Federal Takeover of U.S. Medical Education

  1. This has been going on for some time. From the leftest AMA, to Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the black hand of George Soros the effort to twist the minds of new Doctors and Nurses continues on at a rapid pace. Having a commie as President can only assist the forces of the dark side.

  2. The government controlling America’s health care is the biggest mistake we’ll ever make if we allow it. Anyone can see what those in power want as far as population control, etc. and this is their avenue to fulfill their goals.

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