Some liberals on U.S. Supreme court inventing rights


One of the most conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court said Monday his more liberal colleagues are trying to manufacture new constitutional rights that were never intended by the drafters.

“The fight is about the Supreme Court inventing new rights nobody ever thought existed,” Justice Antonin Scalia said in an appearance at the University of Arizona College of Law.

“Right to abortion?” he asked. “Come on. Nobody thought it violated anything in the Constitution for 200 years. It was criminal.” The same, said Scalia, is true of homosexual sodomy. Yet the nation’s high court has struck down state laws banning both.

“They may be bad ideas,” Scalia said. “But don’t tell me it’s unconstitutional.” Read More

Its not just the Liberals in the Supreme court inventing rights, the Liberals in Congress could be forcing Americans to buy health insurance that some law makers is calling unconstitutional and lord knows all the things unconstitutional going on in the White House under the leadership of Barack Obama.

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  1. So true GTP, so true. Ex post facto law, the “legal” taking of rights for less than felony’s, and private property rights just to name a few things they have done in recent history.

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