Nancy Pelosi and Jack in the Box

Nancy Pelosi would make you laugh if this wasn’t such a serious issue!

The star among the health insurance companies did, however, nose out Jack in the Box restaurants, which only achieved a 4 percent margin

“I’m very pleased that (Democratic leaders) will be talking, too, about the immoral profits being made by the insurance industry and how those profits have increased in the Bush years.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who also welcomed the attention being drawn to insurers'”obscene profits.”

“Keeping the status quo may be what the insurance industry wants their premiums have more than doubled in the last decade and their profits have skyrocketed.” Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, member of the Democratic leadership.

“Health insurance companies are willing to let the bodies pile up as long as their profits are safe.” A ad.

Health insurers posted a 2.2 percent profit margin last year, placing them 35th on the Fortune 500 list of top industries.
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3 comments on “Nancy Pelosi and Jack in the Box

  1. Good post! Yep, I’m grown weary hearing those on the left decry those ungodly profits the health insurers are making, while the ‘dead bodies pile up’. They sincerely hope we won’t look at those dastardly facts.

  2. May I say again that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama sure lies alot. How stupid does those two think the American people are, well there are some Americans that will follow them to the end of the Earth…..

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