‘The Chicago Way’ Comes to Washington

Chicago Way’ Comes to Washington

Has anyone noticed the amount of beatdowns going on lately?

The Obama administration is on the front page of The Washington Post in an unprecedented beatdown: An “anonymous” administration official (classy) threw Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds directly under the bus, basically blaming him for the poor campaign in Virginia, to shield Obama in case of a loss.

And that’s just the latest one today. It’s been relentless this week. It is the Chicago way. If you don’t know what that is, let me show you with a scene from “The Untouchables”:


Good job Glenn on giving us the low downs on what going on within the Obama White House. The American people are starting to see for themselves that Obama is looking more and more like a dictator. He and his radical Czars along with his staff is taking over everything in America starting with our biggest banks and GMC, now health care plus yes attacking Fox News. What company will he attack next…..Boeing Aircraft?