Whirlpool to build $55 million plant, employ 1,100 in Mexico

Out of work, need a job then maybe become an illegal in Mexico so you can work for Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Corp.’s division in Mexico has announced it will build a $55 million plant in the northern city of Apodaca, employing 1,100 people.

That number may sound familiar. The appliance maker announced in August it was shutting down its Evansville manufacturing line in mid-2010 and moving it to Mexico. Evansville’s line employs 1,100 people.

Jill Saletta, director of external relations for Whirlpool, confirmed in a statement Friday that the jobs being created in Apodaca are those from the Evansville plant. Read More

Obama and the Democrats instead of creating jobs for Americans are driving companies out of the United States. The government can’t expect companies to stay in America if they keep raising their tax along with forced insurance coverage for workers. Also with Obama forcing unions onto companies that the workers really don’t want isn’t helping the job crisis.


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3 comments on “Whirlpool to build $55 million plant, employ 1,100 in Mexico

  1. Then they turn around and sell those same appliances to the people they laid off. Can’t they see what a failed business model that is?

  2. Its good for Whirlpool because otherwise the company if it stayed in the U.S. would have to pay more taxes and more on workers insurance plus the unions would be telling them what to do. Can’t blame Whirlpool cause its Obama that is making it so that the company can’t stay in business if it stays in the U.S.

  3. Maybe if any of those workers voted for Obama they should look into a mirror and cry. Another Obama accomlishment. Can’t wait for cap and trade.
    Bob A.

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