UPDATE 03 OCT: The Obama White House Blogs About Glenn Beck


Just how afraid of Glenn Beck are Barack Obama and Company?

So afraid they’ve actually started blogging about him to refute statements made on his program by either himself OR his guests.

Somewhat humorously, the offending guest on this occason was a senior advisor to former President Jimmy Carter.

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Glenn Beck Viewership Beats The Combined Competition Every Night In September

Those with any doubt what a good move it was for Fox News to pick up Glenn Beck look no further than the chart below. His average viewership at 5pm exceeded the combined viewership of his three (CNN, MSNBC, CNN-HLN) cable news network competitors every night in September. On six nights he had twice the combined viewership.
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Winter Olympics get torched by tough economy

A year before Games, much of focus in Vancouver is on making ends meet

Here’s another big business that needs a bailout: the Olympics.

With a year to go before the start of the Winter Games in Vancouver, much of the focus is on making ends meet.

The organizing committee has dipped into its contingency fund to the tune of $40 million to cover rising costs because of the slowing economy. The city just approved a new budget that will allow it to borrow $350 million or more to take over building of the athletes’ village after the original lender stopped payment.

The Vancouver Games, which begin Feb. 12, 2010, have an operating budget of $1.63 billion — a $104 million increase over the original budget that was developed about two years ago. Read More

Obama spends more time trying to get Olympics to Chicago than with his generals. And fails at both.

This guy is pathetic. He ignores his own generals about Afganistan, more interested in pleasing the left that winning the fight, even saying that he “wasn’t interested in victory”.

Instead of spending more time with those generals, he rushes off to Copenhagen to try to get the Olympics into the crime infested city of Chicago.

He failed as an Olympic negotiator and as a Commander-In-Chief. Read More

If Obama had not fail on getting the 2016 Summer Games for Chicago it would have cost the city $4.7 billion. Congatulations Summer Olympics goes to Rio de Janeiro and the “ONE” fails again and there by saving the city of Chicago $4.7 billion dollars of taxpayer money!


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3 comments on “UPDATE 03 OCT: The Obama White House Blogs About Glenn Beck

  1. President B.O. and his team are grasping at straws. Glenn asks honest questions and they have yet to answer simple questions. If they truly believed that there is nothing wrong with van Jones, Yosi Sargent, and Jarret. Then why aren’t they answering. Because they have no answer. If Fox and Glenn are fake then why are they firing people?

  2. It is a shame that Rio de Janeiro just cannot be allowed to savor this moment. This is the first Olympics to be held in South America. Let them enjoy this time.
    Also, good point about the mega dollars it would have cost Chicago.

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